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2012: Personal Growth, Adventures & Lots of Cocktails

Happy New Year lovelies!

If 2012 had a theme, it would be “Not Everything Goes as Planned.” At the beginning of 2012 I had very different ideas about how the year would play out. However, the things that did end up happening were way more awesome than I could have imagined. Overall 2012 has been a positive year filled with travel, adventures, getting to know myself better and personal growth. Since I had a lot of fun writing my re-cap post last year, I thought I would do it again…

January. After the painful breakup of my long term relationship at the end of 2011, January 2012 kicked off with some much needed introspection and  personal growth. I wrote a reminder to be kind to myself  and shared how to spend on the right things. I spilled the contents of my purse which not so surprisingly include a sex toy catalog and an application to be part of Denny’s frequent eaters club.  I reviewed the Lelo Pleasure Bead System and came to the conclusion that I have a vajayjay of steel. When a rebound dating situation ended badly, I decided to say “Fuck broken hearts!” and signed up for Bloggers in Sin City for the second year in a row. In January I started to embrace my new identity as a single person and reflected on the lack of male-female interaction in my sleepy hometown.

In February, at the suggestion of my best friend I reluctantly read “He’s Just Not That Into You” and made a pact with myself to “stop wasting the pretty.” I attended my first online dating party and wrote about online dating etiquette 101. February also saw me realizing two big blog goals: the creation of Skinny Dip condoms and getting over my camera shyness to make my first video. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to go on a date with me…wonder no more!

March was a big month. I talked about the 10 things I wish sex ed had taught me and wrote about how one of the issues of dating in Victoria is that I repel Hipsters – a post that went on to be my most popular ever. I pondered the art of pickle pleasing and made the big decision to stay in BC indefinitely. I took a trip back to Toronto to pack up my things and put them in storage. While in Toronto I pondered the Victoria dating scene and whether lack of options would lead me to date someone like the Banker.

I spent part of April in Toronto where I ate like a celebrity for a week. I went out on a fabulous date with Handsome Guy and got my groove back. I also proved why dating me can get totally awkward.

May was a fun month! I shared with you guys some of my deepest, darkest fears (like my phobia of team sports and all things wizard-related) and finally got measured for my proper bra size – something that only took, oh, 20 years to get right. I also made a super awkward video where I tried a skin rejuvenation device. The big highlight of the month (and of 2012) was going to Bloggers in Sin City for the second year in the row. It was a weekend full of dance parties, cocktails, over-the-top Mad Men style hairdos, sparkles, oversized gummi bears & lovely people – and I have a video to prove it. I had such a wonderful time hanging out with everyone that I literally left my heart & brain in Vegas.

One of my favorite photos from 2012, taken in Vegas.

In June I came to the conclusion that thanks to living with my 60+ mother, my town’s demographics and my love for discounts, I was actually living the life of a pseudo senior citizen. However, that didn’t stop me from falling in love with Instagram or writing about inanimate objects shaped like penises,  non-cheesy bridal shower gifts and depravity. I also took the opportunity to set the record straight about some of the hilarious and ridiculous assumptions people make about sex & relationship bloggers like myself.

July marked another highlight of 2012: seeing my lady hero Janelle Monae perform live! This month I also reviewed the Ladygasm Vice,  learned about the invention of the first vibrator and met the most annoying guy in the neighbourhood. I also realized that my heart will always belong to California and that living at home means providing regular tech support to your parents.

August was another fun filled month. I discovered the best vibrator I have ever tried and the perfect walk of shame shoes, and learned that nude coloured thigh highs can made you feel like a total sex kitten. I travelled to Kelowna, BC to visit my family. I also travelled to Portland, Oregon where I hung out with Doniwent on a wine bus tour, drank wayyyyyyyy too much wine and met some really great people. I wrote about a hilarious new line of padded jeans for men and came to the conclusion that despite my recent travels, maybe I need to get out more. I also did something I never thought I’d do. I joined a book club, which turned out to be way more fabulous than I ever could have imagined.

September was a busy month full of celebrations and work! I turned 32 on September 11th, went to Vancouver to cover Vancouver Fashion Week for the theKit.ca and wrote my first story for the Toronto Star. However, my interactions with the local male population continued to be bizarre as I began to suspect that my local barrista is a nudist.

October started off with some serious introspection. I wrote about my experience of being an Emotional Hoarderthe importance of letting go and being emotionally present. I wrote about how it’s futile to compare yourself to others and how things change. What’s true in your 20’s may not be true in your 30’s.  I read “Loose Diamonds” by Amy Ephron, which I loved and realized that there’s something very comforting about reading stories written by women who have seen & done it all and managed to keep their sense of humour. I received one of the most un-sexy catalogs I have ever seen which inspired one of my favourite posts from 2012. I reviewed another excellent vibrator and travelled to Toronto where I attended the Everything to Do with Sex Show.

I spent part of November in Toronto catching up with friends and packing up the contents of my storage locker  so I could ship everything back to the West Coast and finally make my move official. I embraced my inner fan-girl and summed up my experiences with the help of Katy Perry songs. I wrote about how to buy your first sex toy, tried crotchless panties for the first time and shared what’s inside my sleepover survival kit. I closed the month with a collection of wildly inappropriate gifts that I hope never land under anyone’s tree.

Another favorite from 2012. Taken in Toronto this November.

With all of my possessions finally in one place, I spent the first part of December reflecting on what I’ve learned from living in Toronto. I made one of the best decisions ever and joined the Stratejoy Holiday Council which helped me plan for the New Year and let go of a lot of stuff.  I got poetic about some of my favourite things and I took another leap of faith and decided to lose my online dating virginity. Online I found plenty of fish – literally – and quickly realized that I might have better luck finding my soul mate in this city if I developed a love for kayaking.

I rang in the new year with one of my best friends from high-school at a very sparkly black tie event hosted by our local art gallery. When the clock struck 12 am we toasted the New Year and our friendship with matching blue martinis. Black tie, blue martinis – that’s how I roll. Through the haze of too many martinis and yesterday’s subsequent hangover, here is what I have realized:

I started 2011 off feeling sad and lost2012 began with me feeling optimistic but still uncertain of where life was heading. 2013 feels very different. I’m optimistic and excited about where the year ahead, however this time I feel like I actually have a firm sense of direction. There’s lots of work to be done, but I feel motivated, excited and ready to embrace whatever interesting surprises pop up along the way.

Here’s to an exciting and sparkle filled 2013 for all of us!

As always, thanks for reading. xox


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