The 20 Guys You’ll Meet Online Dating in Victoria


I’ve been Online Dating in Victoria on and off for the past year or so. It’s been entertaining to say the least. However, often when I take a break from dating and log on to my account a few months later, I feel like it’s always the same people online. Yes, the names, faces and identities may have changed, but it always feels a bit like I’m meeting the same 20 guys over and over again. So, with the help of Joe the Intern I’ve put together this post. Skinny Dippers, I present to you “The 20 Guys You’ll Meet Online in Victoria.”

Do any of these Bachelors sound familiar? 

Thanks to the help of Joe the Intern, this post wasn’t tested on humans. However, I can’t take credit for these amazing photos of Joe’s “friends”. All photos found via Google + Flickr (links: here, here, herehere & here)

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  • Alison Hutchinson

    This is so hilarious! They are just so spot on — even for dating in general. And I swear I’ve dated that boat guy in Victoria, lol! Is he also French by any chance? Too funny.

    Xo Alison

    • dreaming of love

      Female here. If you aren’t into a short, holding a fish in front of big belly, guy in a boat…good luck. I am 5’9″ and would like a man who is at least as tall as I am, at least as fit as I am and …wow…on top of it …financially secure….it is tough. I don’t care about my man being bald, grey haired, but I want him to own the place he lives at (I am looking in the age range of 50 to 65) and have a car. Too much to ask?

  • Jessa

    You’ve nailed it! Aren’t you glad you moved back to Victoria? 😉

  • Colleen S.

    Amazing. But you forgot the moody 32-going-on-20-year-old-guy with rock star fantasies. 🙂 I’ve met about 98 versions of that guy in Victoria. Word to the wise….if you encounter one, just stay away.

    • moved to the mainland

      Absolutely to the 35 going on 20. I call it the ‘Peter Pan Complex’.

      • Jas M

        I use “Peter Pan Complex” north Island, too, lol.

  • Nick AL

    I feel like the broad version of this one would be way funnier.

    • skinny_dip

      By “broad” do you mean the female version?

      • Nick AL

        I think so.

      • Nick AL

        I liked this article though, your writing is relatable and concise.

        • skinny_dip

          Thanks Nick! We’re working on a “10 Women You’ll Meet in Victoria” post to compliment this one.

          • Samantha Magnus

            Looking forward to it!

      • Christian Down

        By “guys” do you mean the male version?

  • Chad O

    Amazing! Here I am being single for 3 years, wondering where all these amazing, intelligent , and beautiful single women are that I keep hearing about, but never meeting… Then I stumble onto this… I almost feel insulted. I mean , I feel like I’m a piece of about 6 of these guys.. Now I’m slowly realizing that maybe all these great women have gone on too many shitty dates, and might be to judgemental. Is all hope gone..?

    • Katherine Megan

      Chad- I think everyone has a bit of a type or two to them, that’s not a bad thing- it’s just a matter of finding someone who likes your particular type or brand of partner, and vice versa. I think Simone is just pointing out commonalities and trends she has noticed while online dating. No need to take it so personally.

    • Angela Howlett

      I’ve been single for 2 years and trying to meet a decent guy is like finding a needle in a haystack. I don’t suppose that you might be in your 40’s? Maybe we should chat. 🙂

  • Jon

    Wow. How desperate and lonely does someone have to be in order to date so many guys that they can heep them all into a category of a whopping 20! Jesus I feel sorry for you. Is dating and collecting types of guys a hobby or are you just so bad with guys that you can’t get one to stay? LOL.

    • skinny_dip

      Thanks for the comment Jon! I never said that I dated all of these guys. They are broad generalizations based on people I’ve met & experiences of friends. If you read my blog you’d probably clue in that this post is meant to be tongue & cheek, aka a satire.

      • Jon

        Don’t mind me, I’m just a hater. You’re really hot btw I would date you for sure.

  • Haha love this! I find I’ve met soooo many “Carpenters”!

  • graceelena

    Alternative Lifestyle Guy!!! Ah! I laughed so hard. You really hit the nail on the head with that one. Love this post.

  • Shyczar

    Thought I’d go through the list and figure out which one I was based on a process of elimination. Turns out I’m none of the above. Which of course means I’m all of the above. Except hopefully for Creepy Old Guy.

  • David

    Ha! Love this. Heard it on CBC radio and checked it out . . . wondering if there’d be one that I match and it is the new Vic guy . . . hmmm, maybe I’ll stop calling Victoria Vic! Thanks for the laugh.

  • David

    Oh, hey, congrats on the CBC spot, it sounded great.

  • Liz

    Huh. I’ve lived in Victoria for 12 years and myself and everyone I know here or in Van call Victoria “Vic”. In any case, all of those people exist and for every action there is an equal female reaction. Can’t wait to see the that list! Thanks for the article!

  • Jang

    Whoa, you nailed it with frightening accuracy! Hilarious read.

  • Granny

    This may sound bizarre but as a woman more than twice the age of any of you, my experience on dating sites is of always, always, always getting emails from CREEPY YOUNG GUY. These guys seem to think older women will leap into be with them out of desperation and sex is all we could possibly want. When confronted, each and every one claims to think woman the age of their grandmothers are “hot.” Some are wise enough to claim to want conversation and friendship but most just ask for what they really want. Often in language that would get them slapped by a woman their own age.

  • L. Grace

    Every single Navy guy I met online was shy, liked to play Scrabble, had been single for years and years…so completely not what you described here. I have to admit that one threw me for a loop simply because of my experiences! Many, MANY accuracies here, however. I am fortunate that online dating brought me to the right guy, but I have no idea how we managed that.

  • Natalie Attired

    What are the best dating sites in Victoria anyway? Any recommends?

  • Amy Penner

    Love this post, Simone! I’ve met most of these guys…..and have now taken my profile down. 😉

    • Rick

      More like they met you and ran…far, far away lol

      • skinny_dip

        I don’t know Rick. I’ve met Amy & she’s lovely, so I think she made the right choice 🙂

        • Rick

          It was just a wise remark haha. I’m sure she is. 🙂

  • Abby

    Strangely, we get almost all of these here, too!!

  • Joe

    My online and offline experience is that most Victoria women are waiting for a rich, handsome, perfect guy, the taller the better, 6′ or taller. I think the above examples are good indicators that any flaw can mushroom into a host of other problems. Like the military guy being crazy, violent, and having multiple ex’s and kids. Or the guy who is older being some pscho, or the young guy being a reckless rock star wannabe. Men are quickly dismissed because a huge number of negative assumptions are made based on a few pre-determined stereotypes.

    Women in this town all dream of a fictional guy who has the same level of perfection only found on TV or in movies. In many cases the closest they can get is a long distance romance. A handsome enough tall enough guy who looks good on facebook relationship wall posts, yet you rarely see him, except brief sex filled vacations. Between those brief vacation get togethers you can spend time dreaming of his amazing qualities, real or fake. Having him in another place lets you scope out the not so ideal men, while keeping them firmly friendzoned.

    I find women who are from other parts of Canada, or other countries are way less judgemental and at least give me a chance to be myself before making a judgement.

    I have heard there are 5 women to every guy in Victoria. Even if the ratio is even at 1-1, there are a lot lonely men judged unfairly and harsly… and an equal number of women waiting for perfection. A lot of lonely people in this judgemental town.

    • Wish I left

      You hit the nail on the head, dating in Victoria is ridiculous and painful. Online dating sites are full of women that are looking for a perfect 10 and have ridiculous standard. Being a nice guy with a job or good heart isn’t enough anymore. I work in healthcare and listening to some of these women talk of wishing they married for money or being around women who can’t save a dime of there own money expecting there b/f’s to carry the financial burden is painful.

      Why do you see so many white men with Asian women? and if your a minority forget about this town.

      • Tammy

        I want to weigh in as a woman. I think this post is humorous (and shallow) but certainly not intended to measure all the men out there. I’ve experienced the same….dating in Victoria is painful. I’d love to meet a nice guy! But it hasn’t been my experience so far and I think it’s partly because online dating is a blind date. You really have no idea until meet the person and spend some time with them if they are decent or not. The “old days” you’d strike up a conversation in a coffee shop or perhaps meet through mutual friends and could tell if there was some connection. With more people going online or hiding behind social media, less people are talking face to face or taking the initiative to ask someone out in person. It’s becoming a lost art. I think this town needs less online dating sites and more meet in person mixers, get back to the basics.

  • Tee

    Well I’m glad to see that at least single fathers made it to the top ten on something relating to dating. You are fairly accurate, you just forgot those of us who are educating themselves at the same time “thats where the sleep deprivation comes in”. I’ve only been in Victoria (Vic 🙂 for a short while, and as a single father have been thoroughly humbled by the women of Victoria. I have been a single parent for over 10 years, my youngest was barely walking, my oldest was in preshool. Women literally run away screaming when they find you are a single parent. A recent survey of a well known dating service showed that 70% of women declined when asked if they would date a single father (70%!!!!!). In 2011 according to stats canada there were 245 000 single father households which comprises about 16.5% of single parent households. I assure you that there are not that many in Victoria. I do appreciate the humour, just thought I’d give you some facts, seeing how this is about dating, or in the lack of dating for sleep deprived, forcibly celibate, busy and ruggedly handsome (True Story) “Single Dads”. And to all a good night 🙂

    • Anne

      I am wondering what’s the percentage of men who do not want to date a single mum…

    • Samantha Magnus

      Aw I like single dads 🙂

  • Scott

    Just came upon this, interesting. I have yet to dip a toe in the online dating pool. Its actually easy now to just make a compliment and perhaps share a common like for something in person anywhere. Its easy to get out of practice and get shy, but we all respond to sincere kindness. I thought the post was funny, in a don’t take things so serious way. I am sure there is a hint of sadness too. I believe if you would like to meet someone that you didn’t realize you could fall in love with, do things that put in the same room or setting with men. Close your eyes, relax your expectations, laugh, be yourself, dance, play. My best friend is often the opposite sex. So cool start that way.

  • Shawn Lavigne

    very funny. thnx for sharing.