Sex and The University

(Alternate title for this post: That time I made a movie that wasn’t  porn.)

Happy Weekend Skinny Dippers!

Boy, do I have a treat for you guys today. (Actually, you might not think its that cool but I do, so just indulge me for a few minutes!)

Remember that time I mentioned that I was in some student films in university and that I am distantly connected to Kevin Bacon? Yes, that. Way back in the early 2000’s when I was a freshman in college, I had a few small parts in some short films made by my friend Ryan. One of these films was a parody of SATC called “Sex and the University“. I saw Ryan a few weekends ago at my going away shindig in Toronto. While catching up over drinks, we both agreed that always feel compelled to provide the disclaimer “ITS NOT PORN” whenever we mention Sex and the University. It’s kind of become our little joke.

Thanks to Ryan who recently posted the film on Youtube, I can now prove that I had a very small part in a non-pornographic film called Sex and the University. I’ve posted it below so you can check it out. I’m only seen on camera for a few seconds around the 1:30 minute mark (blink and you might actually miss me!) but I’m there, in all my early 20-something glory giving the elevator eyes to the male lead as he passes me on the sidewalk.

Turn up your volume (the sound quality ain’t good) and please be kind because:

1) This was made in 2001 – Before things like HD, camera phones, flip cams and iMovie – by a bunch of 19 and 20 year olds.

2) I was going through a “shopping exclusively at the GAP” phase where I basically lived in capri pants and polar fleece jackets. IT WAS THE EARLY 2000’s.

(Parts 2 & 3 are available on Youtube)

Maybe you’re wondering why I even bothered posting this. The answer: selfish, nostalgic reasons. I haven’t seen the film in almost 12 years and seeing it now as a 31 year old brought back so many memories. The lush green campus of my alma mater! The dorm rooms! Early 2000’s men’s fashion!  That campus is seems so familiar now, however seeing it on film reminded me of how I saw it back then: with fresh eyes. I spend a lot of time reflecting on what I wish I could tell my 20-year old self….so, actually seeing her on camera for the first time in a decade was a little bit freaky.

I also shared the video hoping that it will encourage Ryan to post scenes from his other film “Porno Loving Freaks” (also NOT porn). I actually have a speaking role and a scene where I dance on top of a table in a bar before seducing an awkward virgin. In other words, re-enacting a typical weekend for me back then.

What are some of your favorite memories from college/university?

  • Aw! I loved seeing you on camera as a young 20 year old! If your friend posts the other video, be sure to let us know. I want to see! =)

    • Anonymous

      Will do! However, I don’t think he’ll post it online (see above) because of issues with releases etc. Sigh. I’d love to see it too!

  • haha, I was also in some films in college. I was an audio engineering major so close friends with a lot of film majors who need “actors.” It’s always weird to re-watch them!

    • Anonymous

      That’s cool that you also were in some films in college. It was a fun experience however, they are so cringe worthy now! 🙂

  • It was a different age — an age where we’d just narrowly survived the onslaught of shiny suits and bubble jackets. An age where we were all surprised that the computers hadn’t all exploded and we were all still able to use our Nokia brick phones. Or if you were lucky, one of those smaller phones with the colour screens. (You fancy, huh?!) Where Santana ruled the airwaves, despite some questionable choices in collaboration. (Oh, Maria Mariaaaaa….)

    It was… THE YEAR 2000.

    I like the cameo, Simone 🙂 But shoot… I have some things to tell my 20-year old self, don’t I?

    Man. Worst friend EVER.

    –case p.

    • Anonymous

      Casey, you summed it up perfectly…Santana references and all. 

      I know, I’m still waiting for you to share your insights! 😉 It’s OK though, I know you have tons on the go so, just send it to me whenever you’re able. Hope you are doing well!!

  • Chris Jodoin

    Chris Jodoin here, director of the not porn “Porno Loving Freaks”. I’d love to post it, but it’s a tangled mess of a) not having proper releases signed by some involved; b) Trying to be a real filmmaker type person, and having a title with “Porno” on my CV isn’t always best (I do call it “PLF” when I must); and c) being just a little embarrassed about the fact that I was 19 and knew very little about filmmaking…

    • Anonymous

      True, having anything with the word “porn” in it on your resume probably isn’t the best move. I totally understand your predicament however, would love to see your film for old time’s sake. Maybe you need to do a private viewing party 🙂

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