Meet Vancouver’s Most Eligible Bachelorette

Life is weird and fun, and sometimes cool stuff happens like when you get chosen as one of “Vancouver’s Most Eligible Bachelorettes.”

In July, I flew over to Vancouver to meet with the Eligible Magazine team to be interviewed and do a glam photo-shoot around Vancouver’s gorgeous Coal Harbour. It was such a fun (but hot & sweaty) day and everyone I worked with was lovely. I’ve kept all of this under my hat for the past few months, so I am super excited to share the feature and the photos with you. You can read the full story here, however here are a few of my favourite photos from the shoot!











Credits//Thank Yous!

Special sponsor: Krystal Walter Matchmaking

Clothing: Nina Tan Design

Photography: Kassandra Poleshuk

  • You’re so gorgeous! Congrats!!!

    • skinny_dip

      Thank you Akirah! <3

  • Um, this is amazing, you look gorgeous, & that watercolor dress is fucking fantastic.

    • skinny_dip

      Thanks Kate! It’s funny – it’s not the kind of dress that I’d typically gravitate towards in a store (my style is more the black dress) but when the stylist had me put it on, it just felt right! I love how the colours look & the dress moved in the photos.

  • What a fun feature! Congrats.

    • skinny_dip

      Thanks Suki! xo

  • Micah @ Unabashedly Me

    Congrats! Very well-deserved. And I agree on the shirtless selfie thought. 🙂

    • skinny_dip

      Haha, thanks Micah! xo

  • sentimentalsuitcase

    Gosh this is just the greatest Simone! I love the photos and the article. It’s so you. I know it might sound silly to you but if a fancy magazine asked me all those questions I would probably answer as if I was someone else that I thought was cooler. Not that your answers aren’t cool! Just that because I know you I know that they are honest real answers and that’s what I think it so cool about you! Ok kinda confusing but I think you’ll get it! XO Sam

    • skinny_dip

      Aw, thanks Sam! Don’t worry, I totally know what you mean 🙂 Big XO to you too!

  • Pawlo Seas

    stunning and eligible. killer combination. congrats gorgeous blogger.

    • skinny_dip

      Thank you!!