Fuck Broken Hearts. I’m Going to Vegas.

Following the big break-up this fall, my romantic interactions with the opposite sex have not proven to be successful. This post is just a small fraction of the whole story. There’s lots more. Too much to share on the blog at this point. I prefer to air my dirty laundry only once it has been hung out to dry for a long time and is considered old news. Long story short, on Monday night I had my heart stomped on. That’s all I’m going to say right now. I know that whatever I write at this point is probably going to be tinged with anger. I don’t want to put something up here that I’ll regret later. I prefer to write about matters of the heart once I’ve had time to reflect.

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I am no stranger to romantic disappointment. It’s just that with everything that’s happened over the past few months, I’m emotionally exhausted.

Monday should have been the happiest of days – it was Bloggers in Sin City registration day! Remember that amazing event that I went to last year that I couldn’t stop blogging about?! Yes, THAT. I was super psyched to sign up this year but then over the weekend my excitement started to wane. My anxiety kicked into overdrive (making me feel sluggish yet wired at the same time) and I got a terrible headache that wouldn’t leave me alone no matter how many Advils I popped. My body always knows when something is up. It just does.

I started to wonder whether going to Vegas again was a good idea. I told myself “Should I really be doing this now? Maybe I should just save the money? Didn’t I just write a post about personal finances?!” Even on Monday morning, while I was sitting at my computer, head pounding, waiting for registration to open, I was on the fence. Is this really a good idea? But you know what?! I’m so, so glad I signed up again.

There is something slightly magical about Bloggers in Sin City. After the disappointment on Monday night, I was huddled on my bed, wrapped in a blanket and feeling pretty fucking hurt. One of the only things that made me feel better was when I decided to go on the BiSC website and read through all the profiles and tweets from the other attendees. I said to myself:

“How I feel right now fucking sucks…but I’m going to Vegas. In a few months I’ll be with my tribe of crazy, glittery, hilarious, wonderful bloggers”

I woke up yesterday morning and everything looked different – literally – I looked out my bedroom window and saw my Mom’s backyard which is full of bamboo and palm plants, dusted in a thick layer of snow (a West Coast rarity). I took a deep breath and finally started to process something I hadn’t been able to wrap my head around until that moment:

I am single. 

There is nothing or no one holding me back from doing whatever I want from this point forward. There is so much I want to do….

Travel to Latin America. Travel to Asia. Drink sangria in Barcelona. Live in New York and LA. Travel the world and write articles from every corner of the globe. Write a book. Be perfectly happy being roaming gypsy for awhile sans any kind of attachments.

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I called my best friend yesterday morning to let her know I was feeling better. I told her “I feel like I have my whole life ahead of me”Her reply: “You always did Simone”

 & I’m starting by going to Vegas. 

(PS. If you too are suffering from Wanderlust, check out my post I wrote about Toronto over at my friend Abby’s fabulous travel blog The Jungle Princess.)

  • Vegas will be very, very happy to have you!! And then I’ll meet you somewhere fab — I have my eye on several places in Latin America. 😉

    • Anonymous



  • Oh, and you ROCK for your guest post!! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to go — and so jealous of all the other Toronto bloggers!

    • Anonymous

      You’re welcome Abby! Pleasure was all mine. Please come visit soon so we can explore Toronto together 🙂

  • Micah Chaplin

    Good choice!!  I really wanted to go this year, but it’s just not going to happen 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Come next year! I’d love to meet you in person.

  • Whenever you’re ready to move to LA or NYC, let me know. My heart has been in NYC since I went in June and I can imagine it will be a 50/50 split with LA once I get back from my trip there next weekend. 

    You’re 100% right, you have your whole life ahead of you and even though things might not always be sparkly and fabulous, you’re still far more inspiring than most of the people I’ve met in my life. Keep smiling (and blogging please!)

    • Anonymous

      I’ll totally do that. You’ll have to let me know what you think of LA. I love both cities for totally different reasons. 

      Thanks so much for saying that – that’s one of the nicest comments I’ve ever received 🙂

      Don’t worry – no plans to stop blogging!!


  • Yay! I love the note this post ended on. I know that you are sad and hurting right now, but I also know that time makes things easier and that Vegas will certainly help. I want to go!! I am going to e-mail you now about it. 

  • *actually, I just realized you have to pay up front right now and there are only 9 spots left =(. I guess it isn’t meant to be for me this year as the only way I could go would be with my tax refund and that won’t come until like the end of Feb. Have a blast for me!! 

    • Anonymous

      TG – you should sign up for the waiting list! People always drop out at the last minute. It’s worth a shot. Either way, I’d love to meet you someday in the near future!

  • I was waiting for your profile to show up, but it didn’t on the first day. So I worried. Glad to hear you’re coming though!

    • Anonymous

      Me too! I actually registered on the first day but was having problems using Google check-out with my Canadian credit card so, it took a bit longer for me to get posted. So glad we’ll get a chance to see each other again!

  • Oh Ho. I didn’t realize you had broken up.

    I’m gonna twitter-flirt much much harder now. Fair warning.

    • Anonymous

      haha, bring on the e-flirtation!

  • The ability to make those kinds of decisions without having to consult with, convince or explain it to a spouse or significant other is like some kind of superpower.  Truly. 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! I know what a luxury this is & am trying to take advantage of it while I can…I’m sure in the not so distant future life will probably get a lot more complicated and I won’t be able to just make these kinds of decisions on a whim. 

  • I’m so happy to hear this! Especially the part about you being excited to explore the world and all it has to offer. If you come to LA, please let me know. I’m south, but I am up there all the time. Best wishes to you…

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! I’ll definitely let you know if I come to the LA area 🙂

  • Hoorah! Let’s travel! 😀

    PS I think it’s pretty awesome you take some time to reflect on heartbreak. Best thing to do, and, like Patty Griffin says, “time will tell ya, baby, what you can’t hear now” (PS that’s a great song for post-breakup, right?).

    Have a blast in Vegas!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yay for traveling!! 🙂

      That’s so true – right now things still seem a bit fuzzy but I know they won’t forever. I prefer to write about break-ups (publicly at least) once I’ve been able to gain some perspective. 

  • I was so close to pulling the trigger on doing this today, but considering how volatile my income is, I can’t bring myself to. Ah well.  I’m sure you’ll have a magnificent time!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! You should come next year!!

  • Embrace your freedom, girl! In time you will see there is no love lost. See you in LV. :]

    • Anonymous

      Thanks!! I can’t wait to meet you in Vegas 🙂

  • There really is something incredible about being single, and that is freedom. Explore! Travel! Do it all now! And yes, while you theoretically can do these things if you’re in a relationship, practically speaking, you really can’t. I’m just being realistic. This is such a great time to get to know yourself better and do stuff just for you. I’m sorry about your heart. But I promise, it will regenerate itself in time. Hugs! xoxox

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Single Girlie! xoxox

      I think my heart will be fine…it’s been through much worse! Right now all I want to do is give in to my wanderlust & I am so excited that I have the freedom to do that. 

  • Love, love, love this! So glad you’re going to BISC again! We need to figure out how we can go to Barcelona together! (That’s one of my favorite spots!) xoxo

    • Anonymous

      Me too! I’m glad I pulled the trigger and decided to sign up again.

      Barcelona sounds AMAZING. I’ve been dying to go for so long.