The One Where I Attempt To Drink 32 Cocktails in 2.5 Hours

I know some of you probably read the title to this post and thought, “Simone, didn’t you just write a post about how you stopped drinking? So, does that mean that’s no longer on the books?!”… View Post

I See a Therapist, a Business Coach & a Psychic and I Don’t Think it’s Weird

(Alternate title for this post: I get by with a little help from my (psychic) friends.)  Therapist. Business Coach. Psychic. I have one of each that I talk to regularly. That’s this week’s truth bomb. … View Post

How to Get Through a Breakup On a Budget

(style me pretty)  Breakups suck, no matter what. But, what if you’re not only heartbroken, but also just broke? If you’re dealing with some tough times while trying to maintain a budget this post is for you.… View Post