Break it Off with Smoking. So I Don’t Have to Break it Off with You.


This post is sponsored by Break it Off  — a Canadian Cancer Society campaign designed to help young Canadians end their relationship with smoking for good.

Today I’m going to talk about something I am passionate about: quitting smoking.

“But Simone, I thought this blog was supposed to be about sex, dating, relationships and your obsession with shoes & overpriced hand bags?!”

Smoking and dating are integrally connected – at least for me. Three of my “big loves” have been smokers. Having to watch the person you love slowly kill themselves by smoking (while harming your health in the process) is one one of the most painful and frustrating things to have to endure.

Besides, there’s nothing sexy about kissing someone who has been smoking. The taste of cigarettes is now a huge libido killer for me.  If you smoke, we’re not getting it on.

This is why I thought the Break it Off Campaign was ingenious because they have likened quitting smoking to breaking up and ending a relationship. Because really, that’s what quitting smoking is all about. When you are smoking it’s like  you’re dating a terrible boyfriend/girlfriend who’s super clingy. Your friends & family can’t stand them, they drain your wallet and they stink up your home & clothing whenever they come over. Oh yeah- and they secretly want to kill you. You wouldn’t stand for this kind of treatment from a partner! Why are you accepting it from cigarettes?! You’re worth more than that.

When you are going through any kind of break-up it helps to have support. This is why the Break It Off campaign has come up with some very helpful tools to help you kick cigarettes to the curb for good. Those of you who are interested in saying “Adios” to cigarettes can start by visiting the Break It Off website where you’ll find break-up methods from an unbiased source. Smokers can also upload their phone number to have a Quit Coach contact them. Quit coaches are specially trained counselors available to help you through the break-up process.

The website is divided up into different break-up stages such as “Get it over with”, “Stay Split Up” and “Move on with Life” and  is packed full of information on how to survive your break-up with smoking.

If you are ready to have “The Talk”  there is a section where you can upload a video of you breaking it off with smoking (something you can do even if you don’t smoke but like me, want to end your relationship with smoking) Quitting smoking can be a lonely experience. By sharing break-up videos we can all motivate each other. I’m actually considering making my own video (if I can get over my fear of my web cam) and I encourage you to do the same!

Because no relationship or break-up is really “official” these days until it’s on Facebook, you can change your relationship status with smoking by going to the Break it off on Facebook App that can be accessed via the website.

There is also a smartphone app that you can download for iPhone and Android. The app includes a list of typical “triggers” for smoking and tips on how to overcome them. It also provides the option of calling a Quit Coach.

Feeling jittery and like you can’t relax? The app gives you some tips on how to mitigate this & directs you to a free yoga video! (Can we just take a moment to acknowledge how awesome this is? I wish I had an app that showed me yoga videos whenever I was feeling stressed!)

The app also shows your “break-up timeline” and allows you to track your wins, cravings & slip ups.

For all the smokers out there I hope you join us in “the world’s biggest break-up” and tell cigarettes “It’s not me. It’s you.”

Because not smoking is sexy.



  • This is a great campaign! I had lot of friends who smoked in college. I hope they have all since quit!

    • Anonymous

      I agree – I actually really like this campaign because it’s light, fresh & uses social media in a really useful way!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome dating-smoking metaphor — and even awesomer campaign! Go you for standing for Breaking It Off! Smoking is really such a bad thing so I hope everyone who wants to quit can find that help with Break it Off.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Mikael! I really hope the campaign helps people.

  • Such a great idea! When I first met my husband 12 years ago he was actually a smoker. At the time I was young enough and dumb enough that I overlooked it for a while. Luckily he quit 6 months into our relationship and has never gone back. Now I can barely remember back to those days. I am so happy to see so many amazing campaigns these days aimed at helping people quit.

  • Anonymous

    Genuis! I love that line, “It’s not me, it you!”

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Sam! I like that line too!!

  • This is a great campaign, with a really fresh uptake too! It’s not me, it’s you… 😀

    (My dad quit smoking 24 years ago because my mom wouldn’t marry him if he didn’t. LOL!)

    • Anonymous

      I really like the fresh uptake too! That’s a cute story about your parents. 🙂