About Me

Hello! My name is Simone. I’m a writer and blogger living on the West Coast of Canada. Skinny Dip is my blog about life, love, sex, relationships and everything in between.

I live for great stories and have a serious weakness for taco trucks, really good coffee, 90’s hip hop & R&B and beautiful lingerie.

I have a BA in Anthropology from the University of Toronto – a degree that as it turns out, has very little use in the real world. However, some people may argue that I’ve applied my anthropological research skills to my dating experiences, consciously or unconsciously seeking out every bizarre situation possible with the same kind of optimistic curiosity that Dian Fossey possessed while hanging out with the gorillas. Everyone has a friend that they consider “a certified weirdo magnet”. I’m that friend.

About the Blog –

I started this blog so I would have a place to tell stories and sort through the romantic wreckage of my 20’s. The more I write, the more I realize that all my experiences happened for a reason: so I would be able to share all the gory details with strangers online. I chose the name Skinny Dip because I thought “skinny dipping” was a good metaphor for writing about your life online – it’s naked, it’s scary but also a hell of a lot of fun.

What you’ll find here: stories about dating and relationships, sexy product reviews and giveaways, updates from my intrepid team of interns + lots of practical advice and musings on love & personal wellbeing.

My Work –

I’m a Nationally syndicated sex and relationship columnist with Sun Media. My work has also appeared on The Huffington Post, Elle Canada, Canadian Living, Thought Catalog and The Toronto Star.

 Skinny Dip does contain some advertising and contextual affiliate marketing links. This means that I may get a small commission on sales of the products that I link to in my posts. I only feature products that I like, use and/or I feel would be of value to my readers. If this is cool with you, it’s cool with me. 

If you have an awesome product you’d like to feature on Skinny Dip or would like to work together in some other way, let’s talk!