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by Skinny Dip on May 15, 2015

Masters of Sex 1 There’s been lots exciting new things brewing behind the scenes at Skinny Dip headquarters lately. If you’ve been following my Instagram you may have noticed that we’ve acquired some new Interns and recently spent a week eating & shopping our way through Vancouver. We’re also in the midst of putting the finishing touches on a gorgeous new web design thanks to Ashley over at Little Leaf Design. I’m so excited and can’t wait to launch the new version of Skinny Dip!

In the meantime, I have a really fun collaboration (& giveaway!) to share with you guys. One of my favourite adult product lines, We-Vibe has teamed up with one of my favourite TV shows, Masters of Sex.

Currently streaming on CraveTV and based on Thomas Maier’s biography of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, Masters of Sex is an award-winning series starring Michael Sheen (The Queen, The Damned United) and Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls, Bachelorette) as the renowned research duo of Masters and Johnson. I really love this show because it appeals to my feminist, sex-geek side; while also being a highly entertaining & sexy drama. I also adore Lizzy Caplan, who I’ve loved since Mean Girls and her portrayal of Virginia Johnson. When asked to describe Masters of Sex, I always tell people that it’s like Mad Men only with more sex. Yup. 

I just added CraveTV to my cable package and can’t wait to catch up on the episodes I missed once I have some down time!

To help promote that you can now stream Masters of Sex, CraveTV has teamed up with the makers of the We-Vibe 4 Plus, a Canadian-designed, premium sensual lifestyle product, ergonomically designed to sync with the human body. Its design is based on a deep understanding of the science and physiology  of sexual response achieved through research like that depicted in Masters of Sex.

I’m a huge fan of We-Vibe because they make two of my favourite vibrators: the Tango and the Touch. I own several incarnations of their famous couples vibrator. The We-Vibe 4 Plus takes the classic design of their popular couple’s vibrator to a whole new level by adding a smartphone app which allows you to stimulate your partner remotely – whether you’re in the other room or across the globe. Crazy right?


Lucky for me, I was able to catch up with We-Vibe expert, Tristan Weedmark about how We-Vibe’s technology & philosophy relates to the research that inspired the show Masters of Sex.

1. How has Masters and Johnson’s groundbreaking research influenced our modern understanding of human sexuality?

Masters and Johnson were the first people to take human sexuality seriously as a science. With very little support and a whole lot of scrutiny they embarked on years of research that uncovered human sexual response and the stages of arousal.  Without having them forge the path of sexual discovery it is hard to say how much we would know today. Their determination has given the opportunity to all the great minds in the field of sexual science today. They laid the foundation of all modern understanding of human sexuality.

2. Have you applied any of their research on human sexuality to the design of We-Vibe products? How so?

Masters and Johnson debunked Freud’s theory that clitoral orgasms were inferior to vaginal orgasms. The duo cited that either directly or indirectly clitoral stimulation was essential to orgasm. Knowing this, the We-Vibe was born. Because of Masters and Johnson’s work we know that achieving an orgasm through penetration alone is not possible for the majority of women. The We-Vibe is a c-shaped product designed to be worn during sex for extra stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot, making orgasm through intercourse more achievable. Not to mention that they too believed that a vibrator can go a long way in teaching a woman about her body and sexual satisfaction. Thanks, Ulysses!

3. Why did We-Vibe decide to partner with Masters of Sex/Crave TV?
While Masters and Johnson collaboratively unearthed some of the biggest sexual discoveries of their time,  we really wanted to tip our hats to Virginia Johnson, a woman well ahead of her time. We can all learn something from her tenacity, she wasn’t afraid to break the mould and she definitely was in charge of her sexual pleasure. She was a woman who fought for her passion, never stopped learning and was always on the pursuit of knowledge. She was heard in a time when women were only meant to be seen, she demanded the respect of her, primarily male, colleagues, and like many modern women, she struggled with balancing being a single, working mother.

4. What can couples learn from watching Masters of Sex that they could apply to their own sex lives?
Sex is beautiful, but it is complicated. Sex is fun, but it isn’t always easy. Sex is physical, but has many mental barriers. Don’t take it for granted, always try to make it better. Most of all, when it comes to sex, never stop exploring.

(I agree!)

If you’re looking to add a little bit of extra fun and exploration to your own sex life, I have one We-Vibe 4 Plus to giveaway to one reader. Simply leave a comment on this post and follow the prompts below. I will pick a winner Monday May 25th.

Giveaway open to Canadian and USA residents only.

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Good luck & thanks for reading!


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