Gift Guide for Men: How to Buy Sexy Lingerie

by Skinny Dip on December 16, 2014

How to Buy Lingerie

I’ve had quite a few male readers email me for tips on how to buy their wife, girlfriend or lover, sexy lingerie. Lingerie is a great way to reinvigorate your relationship, however if you’ve never shopped for it before – or perhaps, don’t even know how to describe the items you’re shopping for – it can be a confusing, overwhelming experience. Years ago, I remember my ex telling me, “Every time I go in Victoria’s Secret, I get completely overwhelmed by all the pretty things and the pink walls. It feels like I’m a giant, perfume infused vagina. It’s so comforting that I get lulled into this weird state of peaceful bliss that I forget what I came in there for in the first place.” Lingerie store = giant vagina. Ok, I totally get why that would be distracting. For all the guys out there who have found themselves in a similar state of stunned confusion, this post is for you.

However, while doing my research for this post I stumbled across this excellent guide for men on how to buy sexy lingerie written by my friends at Lovehoney. They’ve done such a good job of covering the ins and outs of lingerie shopping, that I thought I would re-post some of their tips. You can read the full post here, however here are the basics. (Follow the links within the post for more info.)

Here’s a step by step guide on how to buy lingerie- 

1.Find out her size and what she likes – This will require a bit of detective work. Lovehoney suggests gathering clues from her closet and lingerie drawer using this handy checklist. Hint: check to see what size she already wears and what kinds of styles she enjoys.

2. Choose the right size – When it comes to lingerie, finding the right size can be tricky even for the most seasoned shopper. Sizes tend to vary from brand to brand. Start by checking the labels of her favourite clothes. These are the pieces of clothing that she feels most confident and sexy in – which is exactly how you want her to feel in her lingerie! If you notice that the majority of her garments are in a particular size, most likely this is the winner. You can then use size charts to determine her corresponding lingerie size. For more info on sizing go here.

3. Pick the perfect lingerie set – Now we get to the fun part: choosing the lingerie! Not sure what exactly you’re looking for? Lovehoney gives a bunch of great tips on how to choose the perfect lingerie set. The most important thing to remember here is that when it comes to choosing lingerie that your partner will love, it’s not about what you want or what you’d prefer to see her wearing. If you want to totally rock at this lingerie shopping thing, you need to choose something that she’ll love and feel good in. I speak from experience when I say that there’s nothing worse than having your partner impose his or her tastes on you, without taking into account your own style, taste or personality.

Lingerie is super personal. For example, I love lingerie that’s classic, sexy and vintage inspired with just a bit of edge. I’d be thrilled if someone picked out this, this, this or this for me, however if  I found this, this or this under the tree I’d likely wonder if my partner knew me at all.

That isn’t to say I’m not open to experimenting with new looks. I’m always up for trying new things (and maybe your partner is too!) however, it requires a conversation – for example, “What do you think of this look? I’d think you’d look really sexy in it” vs. “Here. Wear this.” Not sure what kinds of lingerie your partner likes? Ask them. It’s as simple as that. 

The second question I often get from guys goes something like this: “I know what kind of lingerie I like when I see it, but I don’t know the proper names for stuff or how to describe to a salesperson what I’m looking for.” Sound familiar? Luckily, Lovehoney also has a super handy guide to lingerie styles. You can read the full guide here. Below you’ll find a few of the popular lingerie styles I’ve featured on the blog with links to the original reviews where applicable. I hope you find this helpful!


Lingerie Guide 1

Lingerie Guide 6

Examples: Oh La La Cheri Suspender Basque and G-string Set, Seven Til Midnight Veronica Dotted Mesh Bustier (love this!), Classic Satin Half Bust Steel Boned Corset.

Lingerie guide 2 Lingerie guide alt Examples: Fantasy Curve Pushup Sheer Babydoll, Bluebella Anais Cami and Shorts Set (original review), Oh La La Cheri Lace Chemise and G-String (original review).

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