Polka Dots, Bikinis and Poolside Pin-Ups

by Skinny Dip on September 16, 2014

In honour of the fact that they are now selling sexy swimwear, a few weeks ago the lovely people at Ohhh Canada sent me one of their bikinis to test out. As I’ve mentioned time and again, I have a long running love affair with all things retro when it comes to lingerie and swimwear. Therefore, when it came time to choose a swimsuit from Ohhh’s collection, the Flounce Retro High Waisted Polka Dot Bikini was a no brainer. I mean, look how adorable and deliciously retro it is!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m loving the return of retro swimwear styles because they tend to be really flattering on curves. The Flounce Retro High Waisted Polka Dot Bikini is no exception. This retro polka dot bikini is sure to make you feel like a 1950′s pin-up while at the pool or the beach.

This saucy bikini features a black and white polka sot print which is accented by a thick black waist band (very figure flattering!), black straps and faux peplum bottoms. The top has an underwire and ties at the neck & back to ensure a customizable fit. Made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex, this suit is fully lined and water safe.

retro bikini 11
My first impression of this bikini is that the fabric is really nice. I’ve never purchased anything from this brand before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I’m happy to report that the quality of the suit is really decent. The material is a good weight (not too thin) and nice & stretchy.

However, my only concern was the peplum detail. I think it looks cute on the model, however how would it translate to real life? Would it still look cute or would it look kind of ridiculous? The only thing to do was to take this bikini to the pool for some thorough testing!

retro bikini 4
 A few Fridays ago I grabbed one of my friends here and headed down to one of my favourite poolside lounges for an after work drink and swim. She kindly volunteered to take these photos of me.

The verdict on the peplum bottoms: although they didn’t look ridiculous on me, I thought they were a bit much for fashion-challenged Sleepytown, so before going to the pool, I opted to tuck the ruffles in. The good news: you can easily tuck the peplum inside the legs of the suit and no one will be the wiser (my friend had no idea that the ruffles existed until I showed her!) If you get tired of the high waisted bottoms, I also discovered that you can fold over the black band for a more low-rise look. I don’t know if this was the designer’s intention, but these two additional options make the Flounce Retro High Waisted Polka Dot Bikini surprisingly versatile! (In the end though, I decided to stick with photographing the suit sans ruffle, with the high-waisted band in place, because that’s how I felt most comfortable.)

So, here you go – a couple of photos of me in a bathing suit on the internet. I even included a full body shot where I am doing what I like to call my “Joe the Intern pose.” Be kind my friends.

photo-25 copy
retro bikini 7

retro bikini 3

retro bkini 8

After spending an afternoon at the pool in the Flounce Retro High Waisted Polka Dot Bikini with my friend & a couple of very reasonably priced, ice-cold Mojitos, I kind of fell in love with this bikini.

First of all, it’s very comfortable. I love how the thick black waistband just sucks everything in. After 3 weeks off from the gym, travelling, being sick & eating my grandma’s home cooking, it’s nice not to have to worry that my abs are looking less than rock hard.

Secondly, this bikini wears well in water. The straps stay secure and there is no awkward sagging. The bottoms also stay in place and don’t ride up (always a plus!) My only (minor) concern with this bikini is that I found the cup size just a tiny bit too small for me. While the size Small bottoms fit perfectly, I could have used a size up in the top. However, with that said I was still able to wear the top and feel good in it.

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