The Crave Vesper: Luxury Vibrator & Jewelry in One

by Skinny Dip on January 28, 2015

On Saturday night I went to a party and wore a vibrator as jewelry – but I’ll get to that in a second.

Those of you who have been reading this for awhile are probably aware of two of my obsessions: gorgeously designed luxury sex toys and equally gorgeous fashion accessories. The Vesper Necklace from Crave combines both of these loves into one stunning product.

If the name Crave sounds familiar, it’s because they are the brainchildren behind one of my favourite sex toys ever, the very sexy and spy-worthy Crave Duet, which I frequently refer to as “The James Bond of Sex Toys.” The San Francisco based company is known for it’s sleek, well-designed, sophisticated toys, so when they kindly offered to send me my very own Vesper Necklace to review, I immediately jumped at the chance.


The Vesper Necklace has everything that I’d expect from a Crave toy. It’s ultra-sleek, stunning and utterly unique with sexy, discreet features that make you feel like you’re living in a spy movie (because what’s more sexy and daring than wearing a secret pleasure device?)

The Vesper Necklace is a luxury vibrator that also doubles as a piece of jewelry. Made of smooth, stainless steel, the Vesper is fully body-safe and features a curved tip designed for precise clitoral stimulation - in public, in private or anywhere in between. It’s fully rechargeable by USB and comes in silver, gold and rose-gold. The top of the vibrator is elegantly engraved with the Crave logo and comes with an attached chain.


3034063-slide-s-vibe-09 The Crave Vesper is ultra discrete, and looks more like a piece of chic jewelry than a sex toy. In true spy-like fashion, to charge the device you simply have to unscrew the cap, insert the USB cord and plug it into your computer. Super easy, right?

vibrador-vesper-by-crave-catalogodiseno-10 I wear a mix of silver and gold, so I ordered the Vesper in rose gold, because I loved the two-toned look. I’m not quite sure what else to say, except that the Vesper is just as stunning in person as it is in the photos – perhaps more so, because it’s mine…ALL MINE!

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