The Spring of 2014 will be remembered as “The Season of All The Pink Lingerie” From hot pink to deep magenta, a bunch of my favourite companies have come out with some gorgeous lingerie pieces in yes, you guessed it – pink – for this season. Just recently, I reviewed the Yes Master Bra & Thong Set and the Charnos Cherub Bra – both of which are awesome. Now, I have another gorgeous set to add into the mix.

Meet the Blue Bella “Millie” Satin and Lace Bra and “Millie” Shorts. When I found out the lovely people at Lovehoney were going to send me this bra & panty set to review, I was tickled pink – literally. Looking at the photos, I could tell right away that this lingerie pairing was right up my alley. The Millie Bra & Shorts have a sexy, retro inspired look that I love, plus it totally looks like the kind of set you could easily wear everyday. Also, after reviewing this camisole and shorts set, I’m a big fan of Blue Bella products.

One of the first things I noticed when I received these two pieces, was how bright and richly vibrant they are in person. The product photos really don’t do them justice. Both the bra and the shorts are made of a “Skinny Dip”-ish bright pink satin material trimmed with orange lace. Some people may find the combination of orange and pink garish, however I really like it. It works. It’s bright & fun & kind of reminds me of a sunset.

Cut like a pair of cheeky boy-short panties, the Millie Shorts are made of ultra soft pink mesh material with a seamed, pink satin panel on the front. The front panel definitely gives them a unique look. When I first took the panties out their box, my ever-critical sister was in the room and remarked, “UGH! What is up with the  stitching on the front?! It looks like a jock-strap!” Originally I thought these panties were really pretty, however as soon as she mentioned the word “jock-strap” that was all I could think of. JOCK STRAP. JOCK STRAP. JOCK STRAP.

I’m glad I got that out of my system though, because as it turns out, these panties totally rock. I was worried that because of the design, they’d give me a frontal wedgie. However, these are some of the most comfortable panties I have ever owned. I’m happy to report that there is zero wedgie action (in the front or back) and they don’t look anything like a male protective undergarment when on. Hooray! Here’s a close up of the panties.

I was equally as impressed with the Millie Satin and Lace Bra. It’s made of the same pink satin material as the panties and is trimmed with lovely orange lace. It’s very lightly padded and has an underwire.

Like the panties, the bra has some unique details that really sets it apart from the crowd. The v-patterned stitching on the cups of the bra give it a luxe, vintage-y feel that I totally love. Look at those perfect V’s on the cups! I swoon.

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